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Judge Seeks More Information from Oil Companies in Climate-Change Suits

vendredi 25 mai 2018
A federal judge said he needed more information before deciding whether to dismiss lawsuits by San Francisco and Oakland alleging that five of the world’s largest oil companies should pay to protect the cities’ residents from the impacts of climate (...)

Maker of Necco Wafers Gets a Sweet Reprieve

jeudi 24 mai 2018
Spangler Candy made a winning bid of $18.83 million at a federal bankruptcy auction for the assets of the New England Confectionery Co., the 171-year-old maker of the Necco candy.

With Clothes Piling Up, Gap Leans on Heavy Discounts to Clear Stores

jeudi 24 mai 2018
Gap executives said they had to resort to heavy discounting to move unsold clothes that had piled up at stores, moves that weighed on profit in the first quarter and could carry over into the current period.

Macron to Silicon Valley : Embrace Europe’s Regulations

jeudi 24 mai 2018
French President Emmanuel Macron ratcheted up tensions with U.S. tech giants calling on them to embrace Europe’s regulation of topics ranging from taxation to privacy to artificial intelligence, because Washington is failing to do (...)

United Continental Board Selects Its First Female Chair

jeudi 24 mai 2018
United Continental Holdings Inc. has named Jane C. Garvey, a board member at the U.S. airline since 2009, as its new nonexecutive chairman.

Congressional Budget Office’s Long-Term Deficit Forecast Dwarfs White House Estimate

jeudi 24 mai 2018
The CBO estimates President Donald Trump’s 2019 budget proposal will result in deficits in 2027 and 2028 that are more than twice the White House’s forecasts.

Standards Too Weak to Prevent Chemical Plant Blast After Harvey, Probe Finds

jeudi 24 mai 2018
Safety plans fell short of industry standards at an Arkema chemical plant that caught fire in Texas following Hurricane Harvey last year, but the standards were probably too weak to prevent the crisis anyway, a chemical safety investigation probe has (...)

Trump Signs Banking Bill, Adding to Regulators’ To-Do List

jeudi 24 mai 2018
Sixteen months after Donald Trump took office, financial regulators have a crowded to-do list. It grew even longer as the president signed into law a bipartisan bill enacting some long-sought changes to the industry rule book.

Trump Identifies His Trade Weapon of Choice, to the Dismay of Congress

jeudi 24 mai 2018
President Donald Trump’s use of a national security law to threaten tariffs on imported cars drew widespread criticism, including sharp rebukes from senior members of his own Republican Party.

The Tragedy of Venezuela

jeudi 24 mai 2018
When reporter Anatoly Kurmanaev started covering the country five years ago, the petrodollar-fueled party was still raging, but the greed and incompetence of the ruling party soon began to take their devastating toll

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