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Apple and the Art of Guidance

dimanche 6 janvier 2019
CEOs and their finance chiefs are in a tight spot this month as they report quarterly financial data, aiming for a delicate balance of realism and optimism.

E-commerce Expertise Comes to Health Startup Turnaround

samedi 5 janvier 2019
Blink Health, a health-care startup, struggled to bring the right mix of technology and health-care knowledge to the process of filling prescriptions, so it went on a hiring spree to get back on track.

The $9 Billion Upcharge : How Insurers Kept Cash From Medicare

samedi 5 janvier 2019
CVS, UnitedHealth, Humana and other health insurers’ bids to manage Part D prescription-drug plans for seniors have been consistently off in ways that benefit the companies at the expense of taxpayers, and they can keep the overpayments because of the legislation’s (...)

More First-Time Home Buyers Turn to Bank of Mom and Dad

samedi 5 janvier 2019
Among borrowers using FHA loans, which come with low down payments, more than 26% tap relatives for financial help. That’s up from 22% in 2011.

Trump Considers Declaring Emergency to Build Wall

samedi 5 janvier 2019
President Trump said he was considering declaring a national emergency to build a southern border wall if Congress doesn’t fund it, following a Friday meeting with congressional leaders that both Mr. Trump and Democratic lawmakers described as (...)

Apple Beware : Samsung’s Great Fall in China Was Swift

samedi 5 janvier 2019
Apple’s stumble in China is an all-too-familiar story for rival Samsung Electronics. In five years, the iPhone’s biggest rival went from China’s No. 1 phone maker to an also-ran.

Fed Chairman Powell Sees Flexibility on Rates This Year

samedi 5 janvier 2019
Federal Reserve officials laid the groundwork to take a break from raising short-term interest rates in coming months, propelling stock prices already cheered by a stronger-than-expected December jobs report.

U.S. Adds 312,000 Jobs in December as Wages Jump

samedi 5 janvier 2019
U.S. employers added jobs in December at the fastest pace since February and wages surged, suggesting the economy maintained strong momentum at the end of 2018 even as financial markets sank.

A Top Executive at Nissan to Take Leave of Absence

samedi 5 janvier 2019
José Muñoz, widely considered a successor to the CEO, is taking a leave of absence, the first shake-up of top management in the wake of the arrest of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

AbbVie to Record $4 Billion Impairment on Stemcentrx Assets

samedi 5 janvier 2019
The company will book a roughly $4 billion charge in connection with a 2016 acquisition that it billed as offering a promising cancer treatment.

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